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Eleanor Bradley the founder of Wild Strings by Eleanor

Hi – I’m Eleanor. 


The founder, pattern cutter, seamstress and packager of Wild Strings by Eleanor. I run wild strings from our attic room in North West England, where you’ll find me most days breathing new life into pre-loved fabrics as I sew – a cup of Yorkshire Tea nearby, of course!

Wild Strings was born out of my love for fashion and my desire to change the industry (even in some small way) from the manic fast paced being it is, into a slow and positive impacting space where integrity and improvement are key.

I love to be creative and sewing is in my DNA – I actually used upcycled denim in a GCSE school project and my dolls were wearing Wild Strings long before I started dressing real people! 

Specialising in creating joyful, unique pieces, Wild Strings focuses on upcycling and repurposing pre-loved textiles. Each garment allows you to embrace your individuality and gives you total freedom in what you buy – right down to choosing your own fabric. 

I believe that the connection we have to clothes is key and each of our pieces comes with its own personal history – that is the joy of using second-hand materials. Clothing should be worn, re-worn and repaired which is why all my pieces are sewn to a high quality and embrace designs that don’t go out of style.

Wild Strings offers you a balance between style and sustainability, so embrace your own uniqueness and find joy in second-hand style.

Read more about how Wild Strings is working hard to be as sustainable and planet-friendly as possible here.

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