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I believe that our clothes should be loved for a lifetime and be worn, re-worn and repaired. The connection we have with our clothes makes them unique to us as they are enriched by the memories we make in them. 


Trust and authenticity are really important to me, which is why I strive for transparency within Wild Strings and truly enjoy sharing the creative process with you.


The vast majority of Wild Strings garments are created using re-purposed materials. I believe there is already enough fabric on the planet – with 5.2% of landfill waste made up of textiles – that we should be utilising and reusing, rather than producing more. I source pre-loved jeans, curtains and bedding (among other things) to create unique, new pieces. When outsourcing – jumpers and t-shirts for example – I am keen to make sure that the fibres used are organic and/or recycled and come from a trusted and transparent source.

Slow-fashion attitude

The Wild Strings range is focussed on a small selection of styles which work across a variety of fabric types, and seasons. I truly encourage buying less and loving your clothes longer, so all garments are created to a high quality with durability in every detail. I believe in a slower attitude to fashion so the majority of wild strings pieces are made-to-order, which also avoids potential waste from surplus stock. 

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Woman sewing on a Singer sewing Machine

Low Waste Lifestyle

All fabric and thread off-cuts are saved for re-use in other projects, and I often offer them within our range in the form of accessories and trims. If off-cuts cannot be reused, they are used as stuffing for personal craft projects as well as our Christmas baubles. All pattern paper and scrap card is reused wherever possible or is responsibly recycled.

Planet-friendly packaging

When packaging your orders, I make a conscious effort to stay away from plastics. Purchases are carefully wrapped in recyclable tissue paper and delivered in a recyclable cardboard box. Stickers are made from recycled paper and even the postage tape is recyclable.

I am constantly striving to make Wild Strings as sustainable as possible, but it is, by no means perfect. I hope to implement a circular system as the brand grows, so I can repurpose and repair Wild Strings products again and again, as well as improve our carbon footprint.

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