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Why I'm Giving Up on Clothing Sizes...

...and why you should too!


For as long as I can remember - I’ve struggled with body confidence.

Maybe it was growing up as a dancer; having my body and posture critiqued and compared to my peers…

Or maybe it was the wider societal norms that we all encounter as women - gossip mags splashing their thoughts on a celebrities weight gain across the front page or the targeting of programmes like Weight Watchers to us from a young age.

Whatever the case; I’ve always found myself pulling apart my body in the mirror. This could be smaller, this could be curvier - you get the gist...

And the places this internal dialogue happened most?

Changing rooms in clothing stores.

I would pick out ‘my size’ from the rails, full of excitement and the buzz new (to-you) clothing can bring…

Then proceed to the changing room; where I would inevitably get upset about how things looked. A pair of pants would be way too big and drown me…a dress would be too tight and cling to all the ‘wrong bits’.

I would feel degraded. Exhausted. Horrible about myself. I would leave the shop feeling awful about myself; all of that shopping excitement would have long since drained away.


The last time this happened was in an outdoors shop last summer. I was looking for new hiking shorts and tried on so many different styles and sizes but nothing was right.

I felt like Goldilocks looking for porridge. One pair of shorts was way too big on the waist but too tight everywhere else...another pair was way too long for my shorter legs and totally drowned me...but nothing was just right.

I got upset and we left.

But this time I was a bit more reflective…I realised in those moments in the changing room, I was putting all the blame on me.

My body wasn’t right for these clothes. I needed to be slimmer so they fit right. My bum needed to be bigger so they weren’t saggy.

But what if I flipped the narrative…?

What if it was actually the clothes that were the problem?

The reality is that most high street clothing is mass-produced; with little testing on actual bodies. There is little to no continuity or similarity between sizing - even within brands. And, most importantly, these clothes aren't designed with real women in mind; but with the ‘ideal’ body instead.

With all this in mind, I started to think...

What if I stopped trying to change my body and changed how I shopped instead?


This question changed my life.

I stopped looking at sizes. I looked instead at how much I liked a piece of clothing and how I wanted to feel in it.

If I needed to size up I would. If I needed to size down I would.

When shopping online I stopped looking at the numbers and letters and went with whatever size matched my body measurements instead.

Increasing the amount of shopping I did second-hand helped too. The sizing choice is more limited; so if it fits and I love it, it’s mine, whatever the size.

Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been an easy, overnight change. I have had to be very self - aware and force myself to look away from the sizes. There have been good days and bad days...good shops and bad shops, if you will.

But on the whole...


Giving up on clothes sizes has helped my body confidence more than any ‘get-fit-quick’ guide or self-help book.

I am not defined by a number or a letter. My body deserves more credit than that.

On the whole, clothes sizing sucks. It’s unregulated and changes from brand to brand and style to style.

The fast fashion of today isn’t designed for real-life bodies. It is designed for speed and profit.

If you want to avoid changing room tears and mirror meltdowns…

Give up the numbers and wear what makes you happy.


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